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ALGSN board certified surgeons are experienced and qualified.

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ALGSN is well equipped to address your surgical needs. 

Three Convenient Locations

Three locations in the Las Vegas and North Las Vegas  area.


At Advanced Laparoscopic and General Surgery of Nevada, our surgeons and staff are dedicated to providing the best communication, the best care, the best outcomes.

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What patients are saying

Paul P

Las Vegas

I was recently diagnosed with an abdominal hernia at the Centennial Hills Hospital Emergency Room and referred to Dr. Victor Yoon.

When Dr. Yoon asked why I was there to see him, I told him that I was diagnosed with a hernia. He asked where the hernia was and when I pointed to the area on my abdomen, he said "that's unusual". Dr. Yoon then examined me and determined that I did not have a hernia, that I had a thinning of the abdominal wall. He said the surgery would be cosmetic in nature and is usually more painful than the condition. Dr. Yoon basically said that I didn't need his assistance and to enjoy life.  My experience with Dr. Yoon was outstanding.


Michele B.

Las Vegas

Dr Pk is amazing! I struggled for years with pain and no one seemed to be able to help me. Then i found Dr PK and he figured it out after one test! Took my gallbladder out and i had my health once again. A couple years later and my husband had issues. Took him to Dr PK and now he is a happy patient! If you need endoscopy or colonoscopy there is no one better!


Merve M.
Las Vegas, 
I had gallbladder surgery with Dr P.K when I was 22 weeks pregnant. He knows what he's doing.
Thanks again . I can able to eat again

Oscar Martinez
Las Vegas 
I met Dr. Yoon at Centennial Hills Hospital, his calm and charismatic demeanor makes you feel comfortable and safe. I saw him again at his practice and again, I felt great. If you have surgery with Dr. Yoon, you are in great hands!

Roberto L

Las Vegas
Excellent service highly recommended.


Phone: 702-791-7855

Fax: 702-791-7859

6240 North Durango Drive, Ste 120  Las Vegas, NV 89149

3150 N. Tenaya Way, Ste 215, Las Vegas, NV 89128
2031 McDaniel Street, Ste 130, North Las Vegas, NV 89030 

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